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Wool is a generic term applied to the hair of animals, mostly sheep but also Angora and Cashmere goats, camels, llamas, and very occasionally even more exotic creatures.

It remains one of the most important fabrics in tailoring, although synthetics have begun to appear as a lower-cost alternative in the last century.

A large part of its reputation as a luxury fibre comes from the cost of the pure fabric, added to the cost of its manufacture and the care required to keep it in good shape.

Despite these drawbacks, wool has endured as a fabric because of its resilience, it’s feel, insulation, comfort and the established reputation it holds in the fashion industry.

All of these factors make wool a great choice for men and women’s suits, especially where the weather is seasonal. A suit made of pure wool is superior to one created from manufactured fibres.

With a custom made garment at S.Bellissimo Tailoring, you are free to create your own personal style of dress and look. However, if you so choose to follow fashion, come to S.Bellissimo Tailoring and we will assist you with the latest fashion trends. Over 30 years of first-hand experience and expertise awaits you and is willing to assist you in creating the wardrobe that reflects your style and life needs.

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